To help with research about tinyhouses and related concepts, here is a list of tinyhouse-like ideas, and the terms used to refer to them, and the differences between them and tinyhouses:

  • Carriage house - an apartment above a garage
  • Detached accessory dwelling unit
  • Granny flat
  • granny suite
  • Guest house
  • garden suite
  • In-law suite (detached)
  • Detached accessory apartment
  • Laneway house or housing
  • Cottage house or housing
  • Park model RVs (see tinyhouseblog post on the differences)
  • "mobile home", this term can refer either to the very large double-wide or single wide type, or to an RV, the large types share little in common with tinyhouses and the small types are usually made for temporary, rather than long term habitation use, which leads to substantial differences.

More specific concepts:

Micro compact house (MicroCPH)

  • Grannypod aka the MODpod
  • The Officepod

Katrina cottage often no plumbing, but fairly similar, Los Angeles forbid these after they deemed the city "recovered" and demanded that they be removed.

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