To decide on a suitable heating solution for a Tinyhouse, the design of the house, the location, incident sunlight, whether grid electricity and municipal water is available, need to be taken into consideration.

A common approach is to use a propane fireplace, such as the Newport Dickinson fireplaces originally intended for use on boats, which serves as a decorative fireplace as well.

Some users have considered adopting wood stoves and pellet stoves, allowing the heat source to be used to some degree for cooking as well.(If anyone has actually done this, please link to where you say so.)

Some individuals in the community point out that these may be unnecessary, because a tinyhouse produces much more waste heat per unit volume than a normal house, so it is relatively easy to make passive. Ordinary to-code insulation and sealing, and a heat or energy recovery ventilator unit may be sufficient in many climates. (if anyone has any examples of passive tinyhouses, please link to them)